Faux Stone Panels – The TriLite Advantage

TriLite’s faux panels are produced in a wide variety of organic colors and textures. Our attention to detail and commitment to excellence creates faux stone products with outstanding quality, durability and aesthetic appeal. Consider the many advantages of using our faux stone products:

  • TriLite Stone uses several base colors along with multiple facial colors. The base colors fully integrate the stone so any cutting reveals a consistent color throughout.
  • Elegant replicas of natural stone offer consumers numerous options in style, shape, and color vs. a more traditional masonry selection in either brick or stucco.
  • TriLite Stone is much lighter per square foot as opposed to brick or natural stone and therefore can be attached to any wall with ease; the wall requires no additional footings or structural reinforcements.
  • The cost of TriLite Stone is also significantly less then natural stone, yet the look and appearance is not diminished. Affordable elegance only enhances curb appeal and that is seen as a value-added benefit to the customer when it comes time to sell the property.
  • Masonry products are maintenance free, so not only does TriLite’s faux stone look great and fall within just about everyone’s budget, our 50-year limited warranty gives you added assurance.
  • Installation can be a "do-it-yourself" project, with video, DVD and written illustration formats to support the installer.
  • Faux stone and faux brick can be packaged in two sizes—pallet boxes and easier-to-handle smaller boxes.
  • Cutting of stone is often needed, and TriLite Stone can be easily cut with a skill saw and masonry blade, small grinder (4" wheel) or a cement saw. For interior projects, it’s best to cut in the garage or outside to control the cement dust.
  • Damaged stone (e.g., car backing into a garage pier) can be easily removed and replaced as long as a similar mortar color is used for consistency.
Call us or contact us today to learn more about the advantages of using our faux stone panel for your interior or exterior remodeling.

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